Intentional Manifesting Yoga Flow

Intentional Manifesting Yoga Flow

APRIL 7th from 6-8pm at Beloved Yogi Harlem

Spring into the new season with this fun, funky, soulful, sassy, more-than-yoga-flow workshop with Aléna Watters (200hr RYT).! Come to the mat as you are, let go of beating yourself up, and we’ll join together with our states of being, whatever they may be (indifference, frustration, sadness, crankiness, complaining, curiosity, uncertainty- or whatever the attitude) to melt away the residual emotional chill of the winter, and create space to open up into the flow of joy and abundance.

In this 2 hour open level workshop, students will be guided to create intentions, groove into a vinyasa-based moving meditation, and practice affirmations, pranayama (breathing) & chanting techniques; these practices will enable students to reduce stress, get in touch with important desires & intentions, and to exercise & tone the mind-body-spirit connection.

$20 Suggested Donation 678 St Nicholas Ave (close to 145th street) or call 646-549-1435

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