All About The Style

A Soulful Flow with ‘Sass’

Aléna’s yoga & dance training has been mixed together to create a fun, non-competitive, invigorating Vinyasa based flow (with Ashtanga, Iyengar, and other influences sprinkled into the mix) that leaves you feeling more open, energized and balanced.  She creates a safe environment that embraces students of varied ability, of all ages, race, and belief systems.  The practice includes strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training, with practices of pranayama (breath) and mindfulness.  In bringing awareness to the breath, students begin to allow the vritti, or fluctuations (chitter chatter) of the mind, to slip away, creating a beautiful moving meditation that leaves one feeling refreshed and more centered.  Applying these elements not just to the physical practice, but to daily life, will eventually bring one a more balanced mind, body and soul.

YogaSass training will enable you to:

  • Abandon/Lessen your fears and connect with your inner power source.
  • Develop a flexible body so you can move more easily through life.
  • Improve your sports performance with challenging asana.
  • Tone and tighten the appearance of the physical body.
  • Create mindfulness and awareness within oneself.
  • Learn to breathe in between thoughts and soften your senses.
  • Learn to find the “calm in the storm” of life.

The format consists of synchronized movements with breath.  This sometimes vigorous practice is done in a relaxed manner with breath used as a constant point of reference for returning to and resting in the present moment.  Every group class includes flowing Vinyasa sequences, standing and seated poses, twists and backbends, yogic philosophical teachings, breathing practices, meditation and deep relaxation.  YogaSass encourages and harvests a deeper awareness of ourselves and our interconnectedness.

Corporate onsite, private one-on-one in home or studio classes and workshops are offered throughout New York City.  E-mail for more information.

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